Puppy found with ears nearly severed off

Molly's ears severed off

A 6-month-old puppy named Molly, whose ears were nearly severed off with rubber bands, was found Monday near Sanders Park.

Colleen Scruggs was dropping off her son at school when she found the puppy. She pulled over, put the dog into her car, and brought it to the Wisconsin Humane Society-Racine campus.

“I don’t know a lot about dogs but knew she needed help,” said Scruggs.

Shocked by the damage that had been done, staff tended to Molly’s wounds. Both ears had been tied off with black rubber bands and only a small amount of tissue connected her ears to her head. Staff believes the wounds were because the owner tried to crop the puppies ears at home.

“Staff suspect it was the result of a botched attempt to crop her ears at home,” according to a press release by the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Molly had to have two surgeries, one Tuesday and another on Wednesday.

“Staff report that despite the painful ordeal, she is absolutely wonderful and soaks up all the love and attention she can get,” the press release reads.

The cost of Molly’s care is going to be pricey at over $1,500. The Wisconsin Humane Society is accepting donations for her care. To make a contribution, visit wihumane.org or call (414) 431-6119.

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