Wine-ing About The News: The Event Center

Wine-Ing About The News: The Event Center

Oh event center… how we (well some of us) love the idea of you, but don’t want to pay for you.

So that’s where the first episode of Wine-ing About the News takes us. We’re featuring three segments this week. Here’s the first about the event center being proposed in Racine County. In a few days we’ll add another segment about The Branch at 1501 on Monday and The Purposeful Parent on Wednesday.

So keep coming back!

With co-hosts Denise Lockwood and Larry Davis, we’re keeping the discussion casual and fun. But we’re also taking a thorough look at the news topics everyone is talking about in Racine County. So grab a glass of your favorite beverage, learn a little more about what’s going on around town, and be in the know.

We can tell you that Larry Davis wants his parties back at Festival Hall and has a hard time wrapping his head around why the City needs the project. We know a lot of the community shares that view, which is why we thought our first podcast should be about the Event Center.

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The Event Center: The Good, Bad, and Disgruntled

So in June, city staff brought forth a plan for building a hotel and event center. These are actually two separate projects being built on the same property, but the hotel is going to be privately funded and the latter will be publicly funded.

City residents may be on the hook for $11 million of a proposed $55 million event center, but the project is expected to net about $104 million in new city spending over the course of 30 years. The hotel and event center project comes with about 300 to 350 construction jobs for about 12 to 18 months, 100 full-time hotel jobs, and 130 to 150 full-time jobs to event center. Staff also expect $7 million in new spending and 50,000 new visitors annually.

The project is proposed for the corner of Gas Light Drive and Lake Avenue.

Our interview features Amy Connolly, director of city planning, and James Palenick, the city administrator.

Racine Floats Out Financing On $55 Million Event Center

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