The Branch At 1501, A New Venue In Uptown Racine

The Branch at 1501

When Larry Davis (aka Mr. Denise) and I first started dating 15 years ago we used to go to this night club in Uptown Racine called The Bank, 1501 Washington Ave. But it closed down. And after years of sitting empty, now it’s The Branch at 1501 — a place for java, a revolving art gallery, events and weddings.

Owner Kristina Campbell is a huge fan of the arts and hopes to see the Uptown Racine area revitalize. The building features three vaults and has a ton of character. The infamous bank robber John Dillinger tried to rob this bank in the 1920s, but since he wasn’t successful in gaining entrance he ended up robbing another bank in downtown Racine. Campbell said she’s focusing on bringing more artistic spaces to the area, which will help bring the art community together.

But there’s a little more happening in the Uptown Racine neighborhood than just the Branch at 1501, which is why we thought it would be a great segment for our first episode. We also brought Amy Connolly, director of planning, to talk about how the neighborhood is changing.

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