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At the Racine County Eye, we love helping our community solve big issues. We’ve written hard-hitting stories about the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant, the use of eminent domain in the Foxconn development, the lead pipes in Racine, opioid abuse crisis, and mental health access issues in Racine. Our coverage around these topics and more will continue.

And over 50,000 people come to our news website every month.

But wait, there’s more…

Our focus this year will also be on growing a resource page around employment in Racine County to help our community connect with training resources, learn about job opportunities, and get more news about the job market. We’ll feature companies, highlight local talent, bring experts into the conversation around employment and tell you who is hiring.

Why? Because the City of Racine has the second highest unemployment rate in the state, but residents here have a significant opportunity ahead of them with new development in our area. But you can’t take advantage of an opportunity you don’t know about. So we want to be Racine County’s go-to source around these topics. But we need your help today so that we can grow. And we’re willing to sweeten the pot for local nonprofits who often lack resources to advertise their events and their organization.

That’s why we came up with a voluntary subscription campaign that helps nonprofits bank free advertising called Racine County Helps.