Why Are Home Warranties So Important in Wisconsin?


By Jeff Broth

As a new homeowner, you’re rightfully concerned about the functionality of your home systems and appliances. Unexpected breakdowns of these electro-mechanical systems can result in steep out-of-pocket expenses. Rather than allowing these costs to devastate your savings, it’s better to put a plan into place to mitigate the effects of wear and tear, replacement and maintenance.

Wisconsin is an interesting case study when it comes to home warranties. For starters, the state is subject to extremes in summer and winter temperatures, and these can put tremendous stress on your home systems and appliances.

It must be remembered that there is no legal requirement to purchase home warranty coverage if you are selling your existing home in the state, but it may be necessary for new constructions. Fortunately, builders typically obtain those warranties, not the sellers. Among the many benefits of opting for additional home warranty coverage in Wisconsin are peace of mind for the buyer, and rapid turnaround times if you’re looking to add value to your real estate sale.

Highs and Lows: Why Climate Matters

The annual winter weather high temperature in Wisconsin is 51.2°F, with an average temperature of 40.8°F. The average annual precipitation in Wisconsin is 33.1 inches of rain, and the average annual snowfall is an incredible 55 inches. The following average high temperatures have been recorded by US Climate Data in Wisconsin:home weather graph

  • January – 20°F
  • February – 26°F
  • March – 38°F
  • April – 53°F
  • May – 66°F
  • June – 74°F
  • July – 78°F
  • August – 76°F
  • September – 67°F
  • October – 54°F
  • November – 38°F
  • December – 24°F

This information is particularly important when assessing the impact of weather and climate on home systems and appliances. Wisconsin is one of many northern states that is subject to extreme weather fluctuations. The difference between the January average of 20°F and the July average of 78°F is 58°F. While many Midwestern states have much greater variance, this is significant enough to place undue stress on things like air conditioning units, electronic appliances, garbage disposal units, washers, dryers and the like.

Extreme Temperature Variations Can Damage Home Systems and Appliances

The greater the variance between low and high temperatures, the more likely it is that excessive use will be brought to bear, followed by long periods of little or no usage. For example, swimming pool motors are unlikely to be functional in Wisconsin during the winter months, during which time they may freeze up, or stop working. In summer months, they are running around the clock. Much the same is true of boilers which have to constantly heat up water throughout the winter months and are subject to greater wear and tear. For anyone contemplating buying or selling homes in Wisconsin, home warranty coverage is sacrosanct.

In the US, there are many home warranty companies offering their services to clients. Not all these companies operate in all states. Select Home Warranty offers almost nationwide coverage with a stellar rating from clients and independent reviewers alike. Not only does this company provide clear T&C, it also offers platinum care plans and affordable coverage. Other companies currently operating on a near-nationwide basis include Choice Home Warranty. This home warranty company has been operational for 10+ years, with a wide range of comprehensive plans designed to meet the exigencies of the Wisconsin market. This company provides local pre-screen technicians and if they cannot fix your device, they will replace it. The 24/7 home warranty service assures clients of excellent coverage at an affordable price.

Another top provider of home warranty services is Total Home Protection. It has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A – and offers comprehensive coverage plans across the board. Total Home Protection is a leading provider of home warranty services across the US. Another established company is Old Republic Home Protection.  Old Republic doesn’t cover Wisconsin however, it is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, with an A + rating, and clients get to enjoy 24/7 emergency service availability. Since Old Republic Home Protection can easily be reached, it is regarded as one of the better home warranty providers in the US, with the possibility of expanding its services to additional states like Wisconsin in the future. Fortunately, top-tier providers like Choice, does cover Wisconsin and this is a big advantage for homeowners looking to protect their systems and appliances.

This home warranty provider typically conducts repair work on plumbing, AC units, and dishwashers, all the other systems, and appliances such as water heaters, pools, spas, roof leaks, heating systems, garage doors, electrical, disposal, and ductwork are also popular work requests.

Each of these home warranty providers offers benefits to clientele. Reviews differ based on client ratings from Google to Consumer Affairs, however, trust and credibility is assured through quality BBB ratings. Several other evaluation criteria are available, including range of plans that are offered, premiums, and other coverage considerations.

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