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Faith Hope And Love

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Faith Hope and Love co-founder Heather Lojeski started her organization with the intention of helping kids in need. Now she’s asking the community for help in fulfilling her mission in this letter to the editor.

If you have ever faced a significant crisis in your life, you will have experienced the power of purpose to access energy, determination, and courage you did not know you had.  Your goal is compelling and your focus is laser-like.

In a tragedy, hope can come through. For me, that took place in what I saw and experienced growing up; the hope came through when I realized I had the ability to impact the lives of children in similar circumstances.

My husband Mark and I became foster parents in 1999. We knew we would not be able to help all children in crisis, but hoped we could help at least one. In over two years, we have helped eight children in foster care. As our family grew, we knew we could no longer be foster parents. So we looked for another way to impact the lives of children in crisis.

We began working with a summer camp for foster children ages 7 through 11 in 2004. After several years with this camp, my husband and I began to research what we could do locally that would have a greater impact on the lives of children in crisis. We then learned how children are being displaced from their home and given a black trash bag for their personal belongings. We knew there had to be a better option than a black trash bag. In 2013, we launched Duffels for Kids, an emergency duffel bag filled with personal care and comfort items. Our goal was simple: No child in Racine County would receive a black trash bag for their personal belongings.

We know there are people who cannot foster children. But they still want to help provide comfort and care for a child in crisis. For this reason, we offer our Be A Hero To A Kid sponsorship program. For only $10 per month, you can be a hero to a child in crisis! This helps cover the cost of providing a Duffels for Kids bag filled with personal care and comfort items to children displaced from their home due to abuse, neglect or a tragedy.

To make a donation, please click here.


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