Racine County Eye understands the struggles faced by small business owners.  We understand that before any thought of spending money on advertising the first things that must happen are paying the bills that come every month, like the rent, electric, inventory, wages, etc.  By the time all the bills are paid, there may be barely enough to pay yourself!

We want to help you grow your business and so we have put together a special package to help.

Racine County Eye Demographics:

As a Local, Independent, Online, News source (LION), Racine County Eye (RCE) provides local news, investigative reports, video stories and builds conversations around what Advertisingmatters to the people in our community.

RCE is a free news site. We do not charge for our news, and we believe this gives us an advantage locally as one of the few truly diverse news sites available within our community. There are 40,000 to 50,000 monthly UNIQUE visitors to our new site. 60% are female. 75% use mobile when accessing our pages, and that number continues to climb.  The average user age is between 25-54, and the majority of readers are from “Chiwaukee,” meaning the corridor between Chicago and Milwaukee. All of our news stories are shared with our 19,000+ followers on Facebook.

We continue to grow our other social media sites and build our free email newsletter, the RaScene Daily.

Real-Time Facebook Ad in the Racine Guide

If you are heavy into promoting your business through Facebook and want to grow that audience, RCE has a Facebook ad that pulls in content from your Facebook page.

Once you post something new on your site, the Facebook ad pulls in that content for our readers. Using this type of ad space for advertising, you can promote your page, ask for new likes, advertise any specials or contests, and video. Whatever you are doing on your Facebook posting will show up as an ad in our guide.

Sign-up online by clicking on the link below:

Advertise on the Racine-area guide

Advertorial Article

A powerful way to advertise your business with just a small commitment of time can set your business up as the expert in your field.

An advertorial article can be used to showcase trends in your field or can be used to promote upcoming events, why you should attend, what the event will do for you, etc. Advertorial articles are full of information about your products or services and can move readers from your article to your website for online purchases, to buy tickets to your event, to get people to your Facebook page, or as a stand-alone article with information to contact you directly.

The article is posted and tagged to the home page for one month, with link backs (in story link) to send readers to the destination of your choice. The articles stay on the site indefinitely and you can access them for future use through search.


These are just a few ways Racine County Eye can help you build your business and get back in the green.

If you are interested in a consultation to determine the best path, format, budget, and options, contact Denise Lockwood, owner of the Racine County Eye, at (262) 504-9570 or email her at denise@racinecountyeye.com.