Father’s Day Guide

Focus on Fathers Initiative helps bolster relationships

Being a young father comes with its challenges, but the Focus on Father’s Initiative helps Racine fathers get on the right track. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Father’s day Memories of Yesterday and Today

How did Father’s Day start and why is it that it took so long to take root?

Our writer, Rex Davenport, shares a bit of history, his experience of growing up in the 1960s where fatherhood was different and how he views the holiday now with two grown daughters.

Click here to read his commentary.

Father’s Day gift ideas your dad will love

Father's Day GuideHe’s your dad. And he’s been there for you thick and thin. Share that love by giving him a gift that says you care — whether he’s the sentimental, bacon-eating or beer-drinking type.

We’ve pulled together a number of great gifts dad will love and you’ll get the chance to support local businesses. Click here.

Fatherly advice from Racine County Eye readers