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Racine Remembers: The Pierce Engine Company

An 1898 Racine-produced Pierce Engine Company standing gas engine is now a cornerstone artifact in the Museum’s Racine County’s Spirit of Innovation: People, Their Ideas,...
Ed Killian

Racine Remembers: Ed Killian, A Baseball Great

Edwin Henry Killian, known in the baseball world as “Twilight Ed” was born on November 12, 1876 in Racine, Wisconsin. His German immigrant parents...

Racine Remembers: The Case Company

Innovative Beginnings The foundations of the Case Corporation were laid when Jerome I. Case relocated in 1842 from Oswego County, in western New York State, to...
Racine Remembers: Roller Polo

Racine Remembers: Roller Polo

Roller Polo: A Sport of Speed and Skill Written by Dr. Richard Minton, edited by Karen Braun © 2004 Racine Heritage Museum A hockey-style game played...
Racine Remembers: Hometown Railroads https://www.racinecountyeye.com

Racine Remembers: Hometown Railroads

Racine’s Hometown Railroad 1855 - 2005 Written by Keith Kohlman © 2005 Racine Heritage Museum By May of 1855 the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad had laid...
Racine Harbor Arena

Racine Remembers: Reform Tradition

Important discoveries don’t always come down the main highway.  Such is the case with the discovery of the story of three generations of Racine...
Racine Remembers: Joshua Glover: Escaping Slavery Through Racine

Racine Remembers: Joshua Glover, Escaping Slavery Through Racine

Below is a section of script featuring the Joshua Glover story from Racine Heritage Museum’s exhibit This Train is Bound for Glory.  The Glover...
The Game that Brought Professional Football to Racine

Racine Remembers: The Game That Brought Professional Football to Racine

On a clear, yet cool, late fall day a clock was counting down the final seconds to a game of football.  After a goal...
Ed Shamdhoian getting his hair cut by Dick Vartanian. From the Racine Steel Castings Co. Foundryways magazine, November 1952, Racine Heritage Museum collection.

Racine Remembers: Why So Many Armenians Chose Racine

Even before the great exodus of Armenians driven out of their homeland by the Ottoman Turks during the genocide of 1915, in which one...

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