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Word of mouth marketing rocks, right? But what if we can help you with that.

Finding the right marketing tools for your business can be overwhelmingly complicated. But don’t advertise, AMPLIFY. Reach your target audience in the most cost-effective way and build your brand with Racine County Eye.

There are two ways in which consumers interact with ads and messaging.  One involves interaction and conversation with the news site and the other involves consumers in the direct response buying frame of mind.

Our audience tends to respond to the interaction and conversation format. So sponsored-content, or native advertising, makes more sense to reach them to build your brand, educate, and entertain. With that said, transaction-focused display ads would be your choice if you are promoting an event or sale and have a call to action.

Eye on Business Page

Engaging content should be a cornerstone of your Eye On Business Page on Racine County Eye.  Our directory page gives your business the ability to blog, post, entertain, offer events, sales, and promotions. We also provide you with a call to action feature, and your pro status offers analytics to help you make changes to what doesn’t work for your business and what does.

Check out our business page.

We provide you with the audience and help increase your search optimization locally. We also feature your business in our Meet the Merchant showcase, a banner ad that rotates with other businesses and links back to your directory page. All of your events propagate into our calendar of events, and you can easily share content with all of your social media pages. Frequently updating your page, at least once per week, increases your optimization in a search.

To enhance your advertising, we have an email database that has been developed by inviting readers interested in specific categories, real estate, health and wellness, dining and entertainment, and news in general.

Why Racine County Eye?

As a Local, Independent, Online, News source (LION), we provide investigative news stories and build conversations around what matters to the people in our community. We don’t charge for our news so we average between 50,000 to 60,000 monthly UNIQUE visitors to our site. 60% are female. 75% use mobile when accessing our pages. The average user age is between 25-54, and the majority of readers are from “Chiwaukee,” meaning the corridor between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Racine County Eye will design your ads at no extra charge, or we can utilize yours.

For information and consultation on building a solid marketing plan for your business, email tcoombs@racinecountyeye.com