Why Racine County Eye?

You have an advertising partner when you choose to advertise with Racine County Eye. We don’t charge our readers to gain access to our news because we want to attract the biggest audience for our advertisers. We are also intentional about how we place your ads. In looking at our readers’ interests, the top areas include employment, real estate, arts and entertainment, and education. And that’s why we write about those topics.

Racine County Eye has a number of ad types to choose from that will get your product or service noticed.

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Ad-buying… made easy

Home and news pages

Specialty ads
Ad of the day: $25/day

Sticky note: $35/day
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Amazing Cube: (Business associations/group buys – $75/face or $450/month)

Standard ads

Takeover ad: $500/month

728 by 90 banner ad: $350/month




300 by 250 Rectangle ad: $250/month

The Buzz








Bubble ad: $150/month






Geo-guide pages

Takeover ad: $350/month

Banner ad: $150/month

Rectangle Ad: $75/month

Bubble ad: $50/month

Job listings on RCE page only

1 listing: $30

5 listings: $125

10 listings: $200

Job listings on RCE and national platform

1 Listing: $250

5 listings: $650

10 listings: $1,200

*Includes targeted employment email listing to 50,000 job seekers in southeastern Wisconsin.

If you have any questions, please call Denise Lockwood at (262) 504-9570.