Why Racine County Eye?

You have an advertising partner when you choose to advertise with Racine County Eye. We don’t charge our readers to gain access to our news because we want to attract the biggest audience for our advertisers. We are also intentional about how we place your ads. In looking at our readers’ interests, the top areas include employment, real estate, arts and entertainment,¬†and education. And that’s why we write about those topics.

Racine County Eye has a number of ad types to choose from that will get your product or service noticed.

Ad-buying… made easy

Greater Racine Guide

The Greater Racine Guide is a page that features several areas in the city of Racine: Downtown, Uptown/West Racine, northside and southside businesses. Each page features banner pages, Facebook ads, bubble ads, and link/text ads. Racine County Eye embeds links to the container page under each article and features five to six events, products, and services twice a week in The Buzz.

  • Rotating 728 by 90 top banner: Inventory rotating 6/per page @$150/month
  • Facebook ads 300 by 250: Inventory 12 slots/per [email protected] $75/month
  • Bubble ads: Inventory 20 slots/per page @$50/month
  • Link-only ads: Inventor 9/per page $30/month

Homepage only

Our Racine County Eye home page is where all of the action happens. Thousands of people visit it every day to get their news.

  • Sticky note ad right corner: $400/month
  • 728 by 90 banner ad top of the page: 4 in rotation on a 5-second interval: $350/month
  • 728 by 90 banner between categories: not in a rotation $300/month
    • Spotlight
    • Police and government
    • Business
    • Real estate
    • Arts/entertainment and Purposeful Parent
  • 300 by 250 ads right rail: $250/month
  • Floating footer ad (bottom left): $200/month

Homepage plus article pages, minus real estate, employment, pets, and obituaries.

  • Bubble ads bottom of the page in a carousel: $100/month
  • Link and text ads bottom of the page: $50/month

Specialty categories: real estate, obituaries, employment, and pets

  • 728 by 90 banner ad top of the page, 4 in rotation on a 5-second interval: $300/month
  • 300 by 250 ads, in-article, in rotation on a 5-second interval: $250/month
  • Bubble ads bottom of the page: $200/month
  • Text/link ads: $150/month

Classified ads

  • Help wanted
    • $30/month one listing
    • $100/month up to 5 listings
    • $200/month 5 to 10 listings.
  • For Sale
    • $10/month per listing.

If you have any questions, please call Denise Lockwood at (262) 504-9570.