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property transfers

Property Transfers: Kwik Trip, Manor Hall, and more Foxconn properties sell

Almost $16 million in property transfers happened between June 4 through June 8, and $17 million changed hands between June 11 and June 14,...

Getting around Washington Avenue, Douglas Avenue rehabs in Racine

For drivers in Racine trying to get from Point A to Point B, 2018 is proving to be challenging. Bordering at times on impossible. A...
human foosball

Human Foosball coming to West Racine July 14-15

Imagine yourself as the little wooden person attached to a giant pole. A foosball is coming at you and you cannot take your hands...
Aggravated battery

Aggravated battery charge filed against inmate for beating elderly prisoner

A 50-year-old Racine man faces three felony charges, including aggravated battery of an elderly person, after a fight June 16 in the Racine County...

Secret shopper finds Racine’s gems as well as warts

The good news for people in the hospitality or retail business, or any business reliant on face-to-face dealings, there are about 230,000 people living...