Turn Up The Vote! Will Provide Free Rides To DMV For Photo ID To Vote

Kathy Laru and Nikki Aiello register voters in Racine, WI.Volunteers for Turn up the Vote! in Racine will provide free rides and assistance to eligible voters in Racine to the DMV office in Sturtevant to obtain WI state IDs suitable for voting.  

Voters will need to provide photo ID to vote in 2016. Approved photo IDs:

  • WI DOT issued driver’s license or state ID card, U.S. Military ID or U.S. Passport (may be expired – AFTER Nov. 4, 2014).
  • Veterans Affairs card or a WI tribal ID card (current or expired).
  • Certificate of Naturalization (issued within 2 years of voting).
  • Student IDs from accredited WI colleges may also be used if they expire within two years of issuance and students will need to provide proof of enrollment.

Your photo ID does not need to have your current address. If you are already registered, you will only need to show your ID as proof of identity. If you have moved or need to register – voters will also need to bring along proof of residence.

WI state IDs are free for voting purposes if you will be 18 or older by the next next election, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Wisconsin.

To get a free WI photo ID, voters will need to bring several documents with them to the DMV. Most people will be fine with a certified U.S. birth certificate, a Social Security card, and a utility bill or cell phone bill. If you do not have these documents, please contact us for more information and learn more about how to get an ID if you are missing documents.

Recent court rulings have created the opportunity for voters to sign an affidavit on election day if they cannot obtain a free WI state ID. However, Turn Up the Vote! is encouraging voters to get an ID. This will make election day easier for everyone and shorten long lines.

Turn Up the Vote! registers and assists ALL voters regardless of their political or party affiliation.

To schedule a ride to the DMV or get further information, please contact us through the offices of the Racine Interfaith Coalition at 262/635-9532.

Turn Up the Vote! Is a nonpartisan coalition of community organizations: Community for Change, NAACP, Racine Interfaith Coalition, LULAC & AAUW. Please visit our website: http://www.turnupthevote.org/