Top Fashion Trends This Fall/Winter 2015


Most of us have have been trained to stay away from the runway trends. I personally think, “no one can wear this! Is this the kind of statement I want to make?” The Fall/Winter 2015 trends are vastly different from other seasons, and the designers have gotten it right: balancing the bold pieces with simplicity.

It is important to understand limits to your own personal style, you don’t want to have too many things going on. We can all use a little guidance from time to time navigating our fashion selections.

I have created a list of my top fall 2015 trends to help any aspiring fashionista get it right. This is the look that says “I don’t care,” and it can be a little tricky to pull off. So let’s go for it.

Here are my personal favorites:

Chunky sweaters

You can use these pieces to create low-maintenance statements that look casual-cool with your jeans this fall. The trend has that snuggled-up appeal, having everyone reaching for their favorite Starbucks drink. This look truly warms the soul.

chunky sweater

Plaid and more plaid

This classic print will show up over and over this fall/winter season. Plaid is the ultimate feeling of a lazy Saturday afternoon, or getting ready for the” bonfire look.” It looks great on everyone and can be dressed up or down in the most subtle of ways.



These can be a tricky look for some, but I have found particular pleasure in wearing these ultra comfy pants. Culottes’ are one way to balance out anyone’s shape if paired with a fitted top and heeled boot. It is important to let the pants be the statement piece and style the rest of your outfit around them. I mean, you don’t want to overwhelm everyone!


Puffer coat

They’re anything but your typical cold-weather topper. This season is all about the bold color, the interesting, and add-ons.

puffer coat

Head to toe black

The oh-so slimming shade that goes with everything in your wardrobe—why not wear it all over? Mix up the patterns and textures to shake it up a little. Don’t oversimplify this powerful look. The bolder the better!

black on black

70’s style

Can you dig it? Well I can! Inspired by the Saturday Night Fever style, meaning lots of flares and wide leg bottoms. It’s time to grab all of your knits and bohemian for this fun-flared trend.

70's style

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